Double Hung Window

Double Hung windows are similar to sliders, but instead of the windows opening horizontally they open vertically. Single hung windows only open from the bottom, while double hung windows have the option of opening from both top and bottom. Since, these windows don’t open outwards like casements they use less exterior space. Installing these windows are ideal in areas like front porches, balconies, patios and other high traffic places.

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  • Multi-room structure

    The largest number of internal chambers in the industry. Offers superior thermal efficiency. Provides proven resistance to distortion and collapse (reduces the risk of glazing loosening). Also reduces noise pollution significantly.

  • Exclusive compound of PVC

    Provides better resistance to blows and discoloration.

  • Fused weld corners

    Avoid the use of adhesives and sealants for an impeccable appearance and strengthened strength. Totally waterproof and windproof.

  • Multiple weather stripping

    Ensure a remarkable leak-tightness to air infiltration, thus reducing heating and cooling costs.

  • Inner glazing beads

    Allows the window to withstand extreme weather conditions.

  • Pull handle

    Full width double wall with exceptional strength.

  • Double panels of the shutter

    Increased soundproofing and robustness.


  • Double Glazing

    Composed of 2 panes, an interlayer, a Low-E film and argon gas, this option is the most popular (with good reason) because it offers very good energy efficiency without spending a fortune.

  • Laminated

    The laminated thermos maintains the energy properties of the double glass thermos while considerably reducing the external noise.

  • Tinted glass

    Increases intimacy without obstructing the view. Basically, it doesn’t affect visibility from inside the home, but greatly reduces visibility into the home. It’s important to note that this type of glass significantly reduces the thermal gains of a window, which affects its energy performance.

  • Tempered

    Tempered glass is a safety glass. When broken, tempered glass will burst into many small pieces to reduce the risk of blessings. This glass is also 4 to 5 times more resistant to impact than a regular glass.

  • Frosted

    Frosted glass is a conventional glass that has been treated with sand or acid to create a satin surface effect. Thus, even if it remains translucent, this glass makes it possible to hide slightly the view towards the inside as the outside.