Bow Window

Bow windows are large in size and extremely beautiful. These windows have an arc shape frame from inside, leaving us enough space to put our plants or flowers by the window for maximum sunlight. The main difference between the bay and bow window is by the number of sections they have. The Bay window has three sections while the bow window has five. Normally all the sections in the middle are fixed (do not open), only the two sections at both ends of the window open. For example, the middle section in the bay window would be fixed while the two ends will open. Now, for the bow window, the three sections in the middle would be fixed while the two ends open. However, we could custom build the windows to have all sections open upon request.

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  • Multichambered design

    More chambers than any competing product. Provides superior thermal insulation and sound reduction. Guaranteed outstanding resistance to warping and crushing (minimizing the likelihood of seal failure and gas loss).

  • Stylish sash

    Optional inside and outside design accessories for a neat finish.

  • Fusion-welded corners

    Give a more attractive appearance, enhance solidity, and eliminate the need for adhesives and sealants.100% watertight and airtight.

  • Triple-layer weather stripping

    Provides superior insulation, virtually eliminating air, water, dust, and dirt infiltration. Easily replaceable if needed thanks to the groove.

  • Interior glazing bead

    Designed to withstand extreme conditions.

  • Exclusive anchoring system for opening/locking mechanisms

    Specially designed mounting screws installed through a minimum of two PVC walls for reliable, durable, and secure fastening.


  • Double Glazing

    Composed of 2 panes, an interlayer, a Low-E film and argon gas, this option is the most popular (with good reason) because it offers very good energy efficiency without spending a fortune.

  • Triple Glazing

    This time, consisting of three panes, this configuration provides better thermal performance as well as an increase in the temperature of the inner window which increases the comfort and reduces the effect of condensation. The triple glazing also provides a significant improvement for reducing traffic noise. The choice of a triple glazing is therefore made when your budget allows it or when the external conditions really require it.

  • Laminated

    The laminated thermos maintains the energy properties of the double glass thermos while considerably reducing the external noise.

  • Tinted glass

    Increases intimacy without obstructing the view. Basically, it doesn’t affect visibility from inside the home, but greatly reduces visibility into the home. It’s important to note that this type of glass significantly reduces the thermal gains of a window, which affects its energy performance.

  • Tempered

    Tempered glass is a safety glass. When broken, tempered glass will burst into many small pieces to reduce the risk of blessings. This glass is also 4 to 5 times more resistant to impact than a regular glass.

  • Frosted

    Frosted glass is a conventional glass that has been treated with sand or acid to create a satin surface effect. Thus, even if it remains translucent, this glass makes it possible to hide slightly the view towards the inside as the outside.